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Nazwa: VeloSense Contact Sensors

The VeloSense bike detection and monitoring system is part of a suite of detection systems developed by abel sensors, for the cycle parking facilities across the Dutch rail network. This includes; Optical, Pressure and Line of Sight sensors.


Focus on the user: more comfort and time saving.


The system is designed to connect with the needs of the cyclist travelling to and from the cycle park. The goal is to enable users to store their bicycle in a comfortable and quick way.




The monitoring system works with a series of physical contact sensors attached to the cycle rack or wheel gutters, which detect the presence of a bicycle. The sensors are load cells mounted directly onto the cycle rack and have an in-built wireless transmitter which transmits the current status of the rack. The sensors constantly assess at the racks and record the occupancy and storage time of cycles within the bike racks (single or two tier). The occupancy system works without equipment mounted on the ceiling or posts outside, thus reducing the infrastructure required.




For the installation, the sensors are fixed securely to the gutter of the cycle rack. The installation does not require any special equipment is carried out directly on the rows of bike racks and hence can be retrofitted to existing facilities or installations.




The information about the occupancy of the bicycle parking facility is immediately processed locally and can be shown on the reference signs inside. Via the server the information can also be made available for reference signs outside the facility. The data is also sent to management software for administration and use with public websites. In addition, the information can be used with other APIs.


VeloSense Key Features

  • Generic system detects all types of bicycles with a high accuracy and reliability
  • Collect data, help cyclists find a free cycle parking place and trace and manage abandoned bicycles
  • New sensor algorithm for improved detection
  • New function for the public which helps to find your bike
  • Empty parking spaces are easier to find in larger cycle parks.
  • Better utilisation of the storage capacity.
  • Sturdy vandal resistant strip
  • The system works indoors and outdoors and requires little maintenance.
  • Operates in the dark or in harsh weather conditions.
  • Signage with reference signs or with LED lighting (GREEN-ORANGE-RED)
  • Directly attached to the type of bike rack
  • Short installation time
  • Can be retrofitted into existing facilities.
  • Low maintenance: updates take place from a distance
  • Can be integrated into a mobile App

Operation Management System


VeloSense is a low cost option for registering the presence and parking duration of bikes in a cycle parking facility. This information is used to help cyclists locate available parking spots and to help the operator with the efficient management of the facility. The VeloSense system can be installed in most bicycle parking facilities. A sensor is available for all types of cycle racks. Additionally, the system is resistant to all weather influences and therefore can be placed indoors and outdoors.




The sensors of the VeloSense technology measure the pressure of bikes in the cycle rack. This takes place automatically as a bike is placed in the cycle rack. Additionally VeloSense pressure sensors can also be used in outdoor cycle parks. At every parking space the occupation is detected by pressure sensor. This information is sent wirelessly to one of the receivers.

The information is fed back to a management system which is then used to inform cyclists, via optional LED-lighting and reference signs, where empty parking spaces are located, so that users are referred to free places and capacity is better utilised.

In addition, the parking behaviour of users can be analysed via the VeloSense management system. Bicycles which are stored too long in the same place can be located and removed enabling the operator to ensure better utilisation of the facility.


Dynamic signs (optional)


At the beginning of every row, a dynamic reference sign is placed that indicates how many empty spaces are available in that row. A distinction is made between spaces in the upper and lower parking racks helping users who prefer the lower rack.


Green/Red LED lighting (optional)


With the LED lighting option, multiple configurations are possible installed in the aisles. This can vary from either a single LED light per section or area down to one per cycle space.

Works 100% online, therefore data is available 24/7 and accessible from any location.


Software and back office reporting Management software


This is a web-based management system for monitoring the facilities and analysing the use of the parking spaces. Information about the parking duration of each bike can be read in real-time by a manager with a handheld computer. Also the VeloSense's statistical information can be requested from any location. The system has an automatic system check to test for the proper functioning of the system. The results of this system check are stored in the system. This software includes the following functionality:

Live overview of all facilities with information about occupation and status.Live overview of all reference signs.Map of the cycle park or hub with current information per area and individual parking spaces.Statistical package for the collection of data on occupancy, parking duration and passenger flows.Both standard and custom reporting.Overview of disturbances and reports.The system has an automatic system check to test for the proper functioning of the system. The results of this system check are stored in the system.Can be integrated into the operators website or added as a mobile App

Application for the administrator to handle abandoned bicycles. With this application, the administrator receives automatic notifications of bicycles which are stored too long (the maximum allowed parking duration is adjustable). The application then provides easy labelling (with a warning sticker) and registration and removal of bicycles.




In addition to the VeloSense, the VelowView is an alternative option for cycle hubs and works with a series of optical sensors that can focus on cycle racks or simply bicycle parking spaces. The sensors are ceiling mounted and positioned to look directly at the cycle racks.

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