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Nazwa: AccessPro RFID Detectors

AccessPro® bicycle management

  • Efficient and effective management of cycles
  • Cycle Detection
  • Integrated payment module

The popularity of cycling requires an increasing need for bicycle parking. Efficient and effective management of cycles is therefore becoming increasingly important, especially at locations with high intensity cycle parking, such as stations and shopping areas.

AccessPro® provides a total solution for efficient and effective bicycle parking management. It enables both incoming and out going traffic to be automatically registered, thus providing cyclists with real-time information about the available storage capacity. For the management system, parked bicycles are detected and "pay parking duration" as a module can be added to the system.

The AccessPro® principle is based on the use of transponders (tags), the cycling of the parking facility, visitors are provided with either a fixed transponder (subscribers and day users) or a temporary transponder (occasional use).


AccessPro® Features:

  • Automatic user registration
  • Ensures optimum traffic flow
  • Ingenious visual LED system
  • Real-time storage capacity
  • Effective storage management / reporting
  • Cycle detection
  • Paid parking management
  • Fast realisation / detection
  • Economically justifiable
  • Powerful traffic management tool

Automatic User Registration


Each bike is fitted with a transponder so that upon entry or departure of the parking facility, the bike is detected and this is highlighted using floor mounted antennas.

A great advantage of the use of transponders is that the flow of cyclists in no way is slowed down making access gates, turnstiles or administrators unnecessary!


Ingenious Visual LED system


Through an ingenious floor mounted LED system, when the cyclist leaves the facility, they are notified via a coloured signal of the status of their subscription and any balance / deficit on the account or the need for the visitor to renew the subscription.


Real-time Storage Capacity


The incoming and outgoing traffic is monitored and can be visualised on a display so that visitors can always be kept informed in real time about the available storage capacity and the location of free parking places.


Effective Storage Management / Reporting


The subscriber’s activity, such as; arrival times, departure times, parking duration, etc. are maintained on an SQL relational database. This database is in the 'cloud' and can be used for reporting and analysis. AccessPro® offers a number of standard reports such as occupancy, number of arrivals per unit of time and frequency of visits per user. Additionally, the administrator can also create reports. Besides the data analysis is an online dashboard Web interface which is integrated into the system. This dashboard displays real-time graphical and data information on user numbers e.g. the occupancy rate, the number of empty places, recent historical data etc.


Cycle Detection


AccessPro® offers possibilities for static and dynamic bike detection. The static detection is based on the use of hand-held scanners which are coupled to the database and to which the current information is continuously synchronised. Current information can also be requested via WiFi link. Alternatively the data from hand held scanning can be sent back to the database via WiFi or Ethernet. The hand held readers can be used for several functions, e.g. to search of one or more bikes in the facility, the number of bicycles on the booking cycle to another location in the garage. Using the selection for dynamic detection, the bicycle facility can be divided by means of readers into different sectors and again via the readers monitor storage time per cycle in real time.


Paid Parking


Depending on the payment regime, a fully customisable payment system may be optionally added, e.g., based on smart card, pre-paid self-service storage cards, etc., AccessPro® makes a distinction between different groups of users, such as subscribers, day users (i.e. regular users) and occasional users. Additionally at the initial registration of the user, the RFID tag and (e.g.) the smart card can be linked to each other.

When exiting the facility with the bike the system identifies; the user type, the storage period calculated and if applicable any possible storage costs and the balance of e.g. the smart card deducted.


Fast Realisation


Through the use of transponders fitted to the bicycle there is no need to undertake major infrastructure changes to the parking facility such as installing cameras or cabling, installing detection sensors to individual bike parking racks or installing access systems, such as gates, turnstiles etc. The system can therefore be implemented quickly.


Economically Justifiable


AccessPro® is an economically sound investment. It offers a total solution for the efficient management of cycle parking. The initial investment is low, management costs can be reduced and economic (re) operation of a bicycle, for example. "Paid parking" by the modules and "social media" are also possible.


Traffic Tool


The transponders on the bike offer excellent opportunities to deploy AccessPro® wider. The AccessPro® technology can e.g. be used for real-time measurement of traffic flows and traffic management. By placing a measuring station, which reads the transponders and the data links to traffic, this traffic can easily and effectively be tailored to the real-time traffic.


AccessPro® is a joint concept of Easy Logic Smart ID Solutions BV and Lo Minck Systems BV.

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