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Bike stand Details
The Cycle Hoop bike stand is a bike stand based on simplicity and offers a secure location for users to park their bicycles. The Cycle hoop provides a great alternative to the common Sheffield bike stand.

The bike stand is very cost effective enabling a robust product to meet all budgets. The compact nature of the Cycle Hoop bike stand provides the ideal bike parking unit to be located in areas where space is the main constrain as the framework consumes minimal space. Two bikes can be accommodated by locating on either side of the bike stand frame without becoming entangled using a simple chain or cable lock.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the bike stand is designed for below ground fixing and is available in two versions, without or with pre-formed concrete feet. A protective strip is available to provide additional cycle protection upon request.

Bike stand Dimensions
Standard bike stand sizes are as follows:
Length: 600mm, Height: 1325mm.
Length: 600mm, Height: 1145mm from feet.

Tube diameter of the bike stand is Ø42.4mm.

Co-ordinated Stainless Steel Arch Bike stand
A modest but smart bike stand in stainless steel.
The bike stand arch has a width of 190mm c.t.c. upright.

The total bike stand height is 1250mm.
The bike stand tube has a diameter of Ø48.3 x 2mm. 

For more information about the Cycle Hoop bike stand or our complete bike stand range please contact our sales team.

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