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The Ideal 2.0 cycle rack features an enhanced aesthetic design, accomodates wider tyres and is even easier to maintain than the original Ideal rack! As with all Falco products, the Ideal 2.0 is exceptionally robust, user-friendly and functional. 


The Ideal 2.0 is the successor to the standard Ideal rack accommodating wider tyres and with an enhanced aesthetic design. The Ideal 2.0 has a centre to centre distance of 400mm and can accommodate wider tyres due to a wider recess of each wheel support. A locking eye provides additional security to the cyclist and a protective sleeve prevents damage to the front fork. A centre to centre distance of 375mm is available upon request.


The enhanced cycle rack design ensures minimal accumulation of debris which is easier to clean and results in lower maintenance costs. 




Meets the Dutch National ‘FietsParKeur’ Standard for Cycle Parking!


The FietsParKeur standard is made up of a series of stringent assessments which aims to eliminate poorly designed, flimsy, unsecure cycle parking and increase best practice by overseeing the user-friendliness, sturdiness, security, durability and lifespan of cycle racks.


The FietsParKeur standard is compliant for both centre to centre distances of 375mm and 400mm. 


Duoble-sided version


The Ideal 2.0 is available in a single sided version in 3, 4, 5 or 6 cycle spaces or a double sided version with 4, 6 or 8 cycle parking spaces. The cycle rack can be equipped with an addon support to act as an additional locking point. This optional support is manufactured from steel and integrated into the rack. 


The Ideal 2.0 is manufactured from Ø22mm hot-dip galvanized steel to BS EN ISO 1461 and can be polyester powder coated in any of the 192 standard RAL colours upon request.


The protective sleeves are manufactured from rubber.

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