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The FalcoSound is a space saving and user friendly cycle parking system ideal for securing the front wheel of a bicycle. The great flexibility of this cycle rack enables it to meet all applications; whether you’re planning to locate it indoors or outdoors; on the street, in a compound or a basement, the FalcoSound is flexible enough to meet any requirement.


The cycle rack alternates wheel positioning using a high and low system which allows secure accommodation for a maximum number of cycles. The cycle rack is optionally available with a locking eye for increased security, allowing the user to secure their own chain or padlock to the frame of the bike.


The cycle rack is available in 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 spaces with a centre to centre distance of 375mm. The cycle rack is manufactured from hot-dip galvanised steel and can be optionally powder coated in any of the 192 RAL colours.


In addition to the two existing holes on either side of the rack, there are additional options of mounting brackets or concrete feet for secure installation into the ground.

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