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he FalcoAlign is a unique space-saving cycle stand design, providing a great solution for temporary cycle parking whereby the cycle stand folds out of the ground to provide compact cycle parking and back in again when not in use. This is a great option for areas with temporary activities such as markets, fairs and events where temporarily unused space can be converted into useful cycle parking and conveniently removed again when an activity should take place.


The FalcoAlign is manufactured from 100% recyclable hot-dip galvanised steel and is made up of two parts: a steel container which is to be filled with gravel (not supplied) to reduce sound pollution and a cycle bracket with rubber surface and groove.


Rainwater is drained through the open soil and into the ground. For this reason, we recommend installing the FalcoAlign only in areas with a water-permeable surface such as sand, with an interlayer of gravel.


When the front wheel of a cycle is placed into the front groove of the unit the rear steel bracket lifts up from the ground and can be used to park a bike (see illustrations).


When a bike is removed from the unit, the rear bracket simply disappears back into the ground, allowing the space to be used for alternative purposes.


The steel rear bracket can be used as a locking point using a traditional chain or cable lock.


The FalcoAlign has been designed in such a way so that the system can still be utilised as normal, even if debris enters the groove of the unit. If no bicycle is parked into the unit, the steel bracket vacates any available space. The cycle parking system can then be cleaned using a high pressure wash.


All steel parts of the FalcoAlign can be polyester powder coated in any of the 192 standard RAL colours upon request.


Studio Milou Bergs have designed the innovative FalcoAlign.


Milou graduated in 2017 with this innovative bicycle clamp at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

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