Nazwa: Przechowalnie rowerowe

Falco’s extensive range of cycle parking products includes a selection of high quality cycle lockers for providing individual cycle parking security. Our cycle locker collection boasts great aesthetics and an all round, robust specification, all at cost effective prices! 

Falco cycle lockers provide one of the best secure storage solutions for bicycles in need of high protection, with a fully enclosed cycle shelter preventing unauthorised access from all angles. Our flagship robust FalcoSafe cycle lockers offer a cycle parking unit capable of accommodating all types of bicycles in a compact manner. They have proven to be particularly popular amongst railway stations where space may be at a premium and cycle lockers can be rented out to commuters. By arranging a series of FalcoSafe cycle lockers side by side creates a mass amount of storage for bicycles but consuming little space!
The FalcoSafe cycle locker is also available in a distinctive round variant that offers all of the robust specification from the original FalcoSafe cycle locker and provides additional options to meet the needs of the client base.


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