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As the name suggests, the FalcoSound-Low is based on the popular FalcoSound cycle rack and unlike the traditional high/low cycle spaces as seen with the original design, the FalcoSound-Low features only lower, evenly positioned cycle parking spaces. 


With all cycle spaces positioned at the same level and a centre to centre distance of 750mm, the FalcoSound-Low is an exceptionally user friendly cycle rack design ideal for cargo bikes and crate bikes. 


The main focal point of the cycle rack is to provide a stable and user-friendly cycle parking system for cycles carrying additional loads. 


Cycle Rack Dimensions

  • Length: 3,000mm
  • Width: 504mm 
  • Height: 329mm 
  • Centre to Centre Distance: 750mm 
  • Distance from cycle rack end to first space: 375mm 

Additional cycle racks can be connected side by side to create a cycle parking run as long as required. 


The FalcoSound-Low is manufactured from 100% recyclable galvanised steel and can be powder coated in any of the 192 standard RAL colours upon request.

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