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Since the smoking ban, it has never become a more important time to find alternative shelters for smokers. Falco’s smoking shelters are very versatile and can meet all applications, from workplaces, parks, shopping centres, pubs, high streets and tourist locations. Using Falco’s design-led smoking shelters we provide a robust smoking shelter with a high quality specification throughout for any external environment.

Smoking Shelter Details
The FalcoQuarter smoking shelter is one of Falco’s most versatile smoking shelter designs and boasts a combination of great aesthetics at cost effective prices. The smoking shelter is designed to meet the needs of community projects where budget is the main constrain and provides flexibility in terms of both form and function.

The smoking shelter can serve a multi purpose use from a smoking shelter, cycle shelter, waiting shelter, pushchair shelter and a storage shelter allowing more inspiration and choice.

By adding any of Falco’s benches, litterbins and ashtrays creates a matching aesthetical environment, a Falco smoking shelter makes an ideal area for smokers to use on their breaks.

Smoking Shelter Dimensions
The smoking shelter is available in a wide range of options with bays in 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m variants enabling any size of smoking shelter to be created. The simple design lines mean that the smoking shelter can look inconspicuous if necessary by blending in with most surroundings.

The smoking shelter is clad in robust PET or polycarbonate and together with the hot dip galvanised steel frame, is a substantial installation.

Smoking Shelter Compound
With the addition of a other shelters and optional gates front and rear, the FalcoQuarter smoking shelter can easily be made into a very versatile smoking shelter compound. Again with up to 5m smoking shelter variants, it is possible to create an enclosed, airy weather proof space of any size.

Like all Falco products, the FalcoQuarter smoking shelter is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and can be polyester powder coated in any of the 192 RAL colour to match your scheme or corporate colour.

For more information about the FalcoQuarter smoking shelter or our complete smoking shelter range, please contact our sales team.

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